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Her Choice Pekas Remover Cream

Her Choice Pekas Remover Cream

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  • PEKAS Her Choice Ph's Pekas Remover Cream has the best formula to help you deal with your skin
  • hyperpigmentation.
  • melasma.
  • freckles, and other dark patches of skin while promoting collogen production for fairer, smoother, and brighter skin all around.
  • This is also anti-acne and anti-aging suited for all skin types. 

How to Use: At night, cleanse your face with your favorite soap then pat dry with a clean towel.

Apply the Pekas Remover Cream directly on the skin and gently spread.

This is best partnered with Her Choice Ph's Intensive Bleaching Bar. *PEKAS REMOVER *MELASMA *DARK SPOT REMOVER *ANTI-ACNE *BRIGHTENING *ANTI AGING

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