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Dearface Beauty Milk

Dearface Beauty Milk

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BeautyMilk Premium Japanese Melon, Strawberry, Lychee Glutathione Drink
10 Sachet x 18g

A yummy ans milky Japanese strawberry packed with potent and high-grade S-Acetyl Glutathione (S-A-GSH) that effectively brightens complexion, makes skin radiant and glowing while keeping your skin safe from harmful UV rays. Mixes with known power ingredients such as Tripeptide Swiss Collagen, Rosehip, Cool, Fernblock, and anti-oxidants that will surely help reverse fine lines, aging, and dark spots! All in one beauty drink indeed!

How to Enjoy?
In a glass of cold or hot water, mix 1 sachet of Beauty milk, Stir thoroughly. take once a day for 1 month straight fr best results.

Pregnant or nursing women, individuals taking medications or person who have health condition should consult they physician prior taking this product.

Impotant Reminder:
This dietary supplement is not a medical drug. It is not intended to treat any symptoms of any disease.

Keep in Cool, Dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.

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