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Bonbon Shampoo And Conditioner - Collagen + Keratin

Bonbon Shampoo And Conditioner - Collagen + Keratin

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Treat your hair to a refreshing shower with Babe Formula Shampoo Bonbon - infused with nourishing ingredients proven to keep your hair looking and feeling at its best!

  • Collagen- moisturizes hair - keeping it strong, healthy, and shiny with every wash.
  • Hydrolyzed Keratin - makes hair soft, smooth and shiny, and reduces breakage, frizz and flyaway hair caused by dryness.
  • Aloe Vera - soothes the scalp, conditions, and nourishes hair from root to tip!
  • Sulfate-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Silicone-free
  • Salt-free
  • Cruelty-free

Jump into step 2 of your hair care routine with the Babe Bonbon Conditioner. Get a load of its wholesome ingredients that bring your hair back to life!

How to use: Shampoo- Wet hair with lukewarm water. Apply a little Babe Formula shampoo and work out a rich lather. Leave on for 2-3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Squeeze out excess water then rinse again. Use conditioner to enjoy hair that smells and feels great all day! Conditioner- Shampoo hair with Babe shampoo. Rinse thoroughly and squeeze out excess water. Apply Babe Conditioner. Leave on hair for 3-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Towel dry hair gently then blow dry.

250ml x 2

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